November 18, 2009

Thoughtful Reflection~

Today was an awesome day, we finished our holiday decorating installation at Los Angeles Zoo, YEAH TEAM!

As a decorator I worry a lot about the final product, as a business owner I worry that the Client will like it, and as someone who puts her heart and soul into her work I worry that it won't bring pleasure to those who see the final product. And somewhere between the visions, the client and the end result..........IT HITS YOU! Look what we did and look who we did it for! WOW!

I had one of those moments today when I realized where my holiday decorating services had taken me, I was standing in Los Angeles Zoo and they were loving what I had done. Yes I would have liked to do more, yes I would do things differently next time and yes I shouldn't worry so much but that is why there is tomorrow and today I believe I really enjoyed today.

It hit me hard that what I do now started so many years ago when a client asked me if I could decorate her house for the holidays, "yes" and "of course" were my immediate answers. I remember at the time thinking how fun to be able to do that in a much bigger home than mine, the ideas were just swirling and that is how it began. And here I am today standing in Los Angeles Zoo, who doesn't know what that is, and two days from now we will begin decorating Commerce Casino, the largest poker casino in the United States and when we finish that job we will begin decorating Longo Toyota the largest Toyota dealership in the United States. I guess my point here is not how amazing I am, (because if you notice I always use "we", that "we" is my team of fabulous employees that make my visions come to life, without them it would not be possible) but look where one small footstep so many years ago brought me. I am a believer in dreams and that thoughts are things and I am glad that in this moment in my life I have the clarity to see it.

Today I watched and enjoyed and worried about the Client's reaction and when I received their approval my job was complete and for that I am grateful.

This post is not about the end result, or the final decor product, or the words of praise we received it is about the process and the people who made it possible.

That is my Adam risking life and limb and Christmas Tree!

There is Bruce & Nathan left to hold the wreath while the installation is being pondered.
There is Holly, who I sent over to watch the guys feet while they were installing a tree above her, to make sure they didn't fall through the cracks. Thinking back now what was she going to do if they did fall through the cracks ????? Seemed like a good idea at the time.

There's Jessica (my daughter) the Goddess of wreath making, I love you Jess!

There WE all are, sorry guys didn't have time to go through all the photos
(there are a lot more WE's but these were the Los Angeles Zoo WE's)

Thank you to each and every one of you who made a moment in my life possible. Adam, Bruce, Claudia, Holly,Jennifer, Jessica, Kris, Leslie, Myra, Nathan & Paz, THANK YOU!

November 11, 2009

~Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day! A heartfelt thanks of gratitude to the veterans of this great country of ours. If it wasn't for their sacrifices we would not enjoy the freedoms we have today. God bless every serviceman who has served this country and their loved ones who have stood by them and God bless every serviceman who is currently serving our country. You have and will always have made this world a better place.

[photo courtesy of Pixabella]