January 28, 2009


Now that my children are older, I am more about trying to create experiences and memories that we all will enjoy. So while we were in Vegas, I fulfilled one of my own experiences that I have wanted for a long time, and in the process shared it with my family. IT WAS PRICELESS! They call it a show, but, show is too boring, it should be....see a fantastic, unbelievable, outstanding performance of grace and power!! It far exceeded my expectations and then some, it was definitely an EXPERIENCE and was just another shot in the arm to get my creative juices flowing.

While I may not be able to pull off a Cirque du Soleil performance at my next event, it definitely reconfirms my belief that parties and events are truly experiences and no matter what your budget if your Guests leave truly happy and have enjoyed themselves it was a great event experience for them. And isnt that what we all like to enjoy and remember is a good experience.

January 24, 2009

Vegas Baby!

Vacation in Vegas!
There is nothing like a little time away to get your creative juices flowing again and that's just what I did this past week. After the craziness of the Holiday Decorating season, we took a family get away to Vegas. There is nothing like bright lights, fancy resort hotels and money flowing to get you thinking out of the box. I saw a lot of great creative ideas that I can't wait to implement in my own way. Its fun for me to look at others creativity and think wow I'd love to do that! I missed the Holiday Decorations, but did see a lot of Chinese New Years decor that was inspiring. I did see the remnants of some holiday decor at a 5 star hotel and I must say I wasn't impressed, but aren't we all just a little critical sometimes! (especially us creative types). As soon as I get the photos off the camera I will download some of the photos that have inspired me.