January 15, 2012

New Names, Websites & Plans

Last year I decided to make some changes to my business and business name(s).  I diversified/divided/conquered whatever you want to call it.......... I created divisions of CHS Creative Productions;  Christmas Specialists and Carolyn Horten Events.  After 16 years of business as CHS Creative Productions I felt that it was time to divide and conquer as well as the fact that I got tired of explaining everything we do. For those of you thinking of going into business for yourselves be careful how you choose your name.......... or you will do a lot of explaining.

I took the "holiday decorating" part of my business and created Christmas Specialists. For years I was "politically correct" calling Christmas decorating holiday decorating.  Well the holiday decorating led to questions like if we were close to Easter oh you do Easter Decorating? Ah, NO!  So I decided enough is enough I am a Christmas decorator, I have a Christmas decorating business and I have a warehouse full of Christmas stuff  THEREFORE I AM A CHRISTMAS DECORATOR!!  Nothing else, nothing less just CHRISTMAS. And so Christmas Specialists was created. You can view our website here and blog here and facebook here.

I then decided that while I have enjoyed all the different aspects of event planning, decorating, etc.. over the years I no longer want to be the person behind the business name but recognized as the professional I am.  The person who has spent 16 years in the business professionally with 25 years of experience total planning all types of events for all types of clients.  I have done weddings, corporate, non-profit, professional athletes, actors, celebrities, high profile clients and more. I have earned my stripes the hard way one experience at a time.   I am the name behind the business and I decided that I wanted to be the name in front of the business and so Carolyn Horten Events was born.  We have a new website that I am proud to say I did myself you can see here and a new blog here oh and a new facebook page here.

What about CHS Creative Productions?? I don't know yet I have a few ideas that I am working on so please stay tuned.

January 10, 2012

Designers Challenge Entry

I had the honor of being invited to participate in the Designers Challenge at Sparkling Events & Designs. The theme was Love and the budget was a mere little old $100 buckaroos. Yup you heard that right $100 bucks for a party of 4. I'll just say it took me back many years ago when I had parties for my children "just because" and had no budget.

For all the details on the party and how I spent my $100 budget click here and for a get to know me interview click here. To see other challengers entries click hereBe sure to follow my new blog here since I will be giving away some of  the props and extras I used.