October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween~

I hope you have a wonderful Halloween and get lots of treats and not too many tricks! Its a little strange here since my children are grown they are off doing their own things, really doesn't feel like Halloween, maybe it will later when the little ones start knocking on the door~

October 30, 2010

A Picture Says It All~

This is a little bit of what the beginnings of holiday decorating feels like, and probably looks like! Standing around, walking around and wondering.......
Do I have everything?
Did I forget something?
Where is it all going to go?
Is that truck going to be big enough?
Is there going to be enough time?
Do you have 500 of these?
Where was that supposed to be?
WHAT color combination did you want?
How many hours are there in a day again?
How early is early?

As much as holiday decorating is intense I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love holiday decorating, it is non-stop action, creativity, thinking on your feet, fun and breathtaking.......it is what I live for this time of year! Rising to the challenges that I have been given and chosen.

The last few years as we have grown I have done less decorating and more directing.........but this year I plan on decorating more and can't wait. Don't get me wrong directing is just as important as decorating, because holiday decorating is a dance of coordination, organization, time management, trouble shooting and creativity and without excellent directing skills holiday decorating could not be accomplished; not to mention a huge traveling disaster!

I love me a scissor lift and/or a cherry picker!

October 24, 2010

Spiderman Party~

Here are just a few glimpses of a Spiderman party we recently did. This party was a lot of fun and the birthday boy couldn't have been sweeter and more appreciative as were all the children at the party. I can't show you too much of this party to protect the client's privacy.

Custom Spiderman Cake~

It seems like lately I have been on a run of custom parties with only two weeks notice, which has not left a lot of time for blogging, so please accept my apologies. This adorable Spiderman cake was from a recent party and was no exception. With only 3 days notice my favorite bakery Rossmoor Pastries pulled it off for me, like they always do. I am often asked by my clients to design and bring the cake or have it delivered to the party. Sometimes it comes from the bakery and sometimes we transport it, I must say I have become an expert on cake transportation and handling. Ordering and designing these cakes can often be nerve wracking, since these are custom cakes and not in-expensive to say the least, I am always nervous that the client will love them.

I love designing the cakes and Rossmoor Pastries is so great about working with me, especially last minute. Dianne is my go to girl at Rossmoor and she is an absolute pleasure to work with. I believe telepathically we are on the same page when it comes to designing my cakes. She is great at helping me to create my visions and this Spiderman cake was no exception. A few of the cakes we have designed are in the order book at Rossmoor and some have been ordered by customers as they sit in the fridge waiting for me to pick them up, which is always such a huge compliment to me.

If you are ever in need of a great looking and best of all great tasting cake I highly recommend Rossmoor Pastries, you won't be disappointed.

October 22, 2010

Thank you, Kori Clark Designs & Paper & Pigtails~

I recently had the pleasure of working with Kori Clark of Kori Clark Designs and Paper & Pigtails and what a pleasure it was. Kori was referred to me by the wonderful Kate Landers. As an event planner it seems like I never have more than 2 weeks notice to pull a party together which leaves little time for me to collaborate with some of the awesome talent out there.

Last weekend I had a very large, very last minute event and while I was talking to Kate about the short amount of time I had and how I wished I could use someone for table signs, gift tags and more she was more than happy to offer to contact some of the designers she has used in the past; two hours later I had an email from Kori and she was all that Kate said she was and more. I am used to working under pressure and Kori was able to work right along with me. It was like she read my mind and I didn't have to explain myself too much she just ran with it and scored a touch down. Not only did she come up with two great designs for table signs, gift tags, candy table signs, buffet signs, napkin wraps and staff name tags she printed them for me, embellished them with jewels and rushed them to me all this with a few days notice. They were awesome!! Unfortunately, I cannot share that party with you yet, but I can't wait until I can. Kori was sweet, professional and easy to work with and most important the quality of her designs are top notch! I would highly recommend Kori to anyone and look forward to working with her again in the future. I consider Kori my new party planning secret weapon and friend.

Just a few of the awesome styles available at Paper& Pigtails and if you need custom work done check out Kori Clark Designs .

{Images courtesy of Paper & Pigtails}

Thank you again Kori for such an awesome job and to you Kate for such an awesome referral!!