Business Info Packet


The Business Informational Packet contains 6 MUST HAVE forms for your event planning business.  These forms will give you information that you can use to tweak your existing documents or you can edit them and use them as your own for your event planning business.  These forms were created and edited and tweaked throughout my 16 years in business and have worked well for protecting both myself, my business and letting my clients know what I will and won't be doing for them. 
  • Client Contract~ a 5 page contract that spells out what you will and won't do for a client, clauses that will protect you and more. If you don't have a Contract or have a limited Contract this document is for you.
  • Coordination Consultation Information Packet~ let the client know prior to your consultation meeting what you will need at the meeting, who should be present, what they can expect from you at the meeting and after the meeting
  • Event Questionnaire~a list of questions you can ask the client about the event and what their needs and expectations are, who will be doing what and what services they need. It's a great list of questions which can help you increase the services they thought they needed from you.
  • Venue Questionnaire~a list of questions regarding an event at a venue. Venue events can be tricky because you are at the venue's mercy for scheduling and such. This list will help you not be blindsided by last minute changes from the client's venue.
  • Credit Card Authorization Form~ If you are paying for items for your client using their credit card information this is the agreement you will need.
  • Independent Contractor Agreement~If you are not hiring employees and are using independent contractors this agreement will help protect you and your business.
The Business Informational packet will be a huge asset in your event planning arsenal. These forms are great resources to use and protect yourself from the beginning of your event planning career.
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