May 28, 2013

Event Planner Coaching & Information Packet

I have received a lot of emails regarding my one on one event coaching services and for a limited time have decided to bring back the service with a few changes. You can now purchase the Informational Packet by itself. With over 16 years of professional event planning experience and millions of dollars in sales Carolyn Horten’s event planning advice is priceless.
Last year I had the honor of coaching a lot of wonderful, creative and talented women who were great at their craft but struggling with the profit end of party planning. Don't wait until you learn the lessons the hard way, it could take years and cost you $1,000's of dollars in loss. Invest in yourself and speak to a professional who has already learned the lessons and is available to answer your questions as they relate to your business. These aren't standard phone calls where I discuss the same things with everyone, this is one on one coaching to answer your direct questions as they relate to you and your business.
If you are an event planner, coordinator or thinking of going into the business then you owe it to yourself to start off on the right foot by getting insight into the business and how you can create a career you love and still make money.
The coaching you will receive is one on one time from an expert in the luxury of your office. No travelling costs involved! Get exactly what you need NOW answers to your questions and advice on how to move forward and grow your profits. Event planning is a wonderful fun and creative business BUTif you aren’t making money or protecting your assets, IT WILL NOT be wonderful and fun for long.
Pricing for Profit: Have you ever felt like you left money on the table? Have you ever finished an event and realized that if you broke your profit down to the amount of hours you worked you would be better off at McDonalds working? I will explain to you how and where to increase your profits.
Warning Signs: Have you ever had a feeling once you started with a client? But weren’t sure how to backtrack or walk away from the job? I will explain to you the warning signs and how to protect yourself.
Business Paperwork: Have you ever wished you could take a look at contracts or paperwork of other planners to be sure you were protecting yourself and weren’t missing something? You can receive a packet of documents that I have customized throughout my 16 years in business that you can use for your business.
Take some time out of your busy schedule and invest in your business. Take this opportunity to talk to someone with over 16 years of event planning advice and someone who has been there and done that.
Find out if event planning is really for you and if it is learn some tips, tricks and skills so that you are better prepared for the inevitable of event planning; something going wrong. Because it will and you will be prepared to fix it.
With over 16 years of professional event planning experience and millions of dollars in sales Carolyn Horten’s event planning advice is priceless.


v $195 for a 1 ½ hour telephone call with Carolyn Horten that includes the Informational Packet a $50 value.
v Additional hours available at $65 per hour as needed after your initial telephone consultation.
v The Informational Packet $50 SPECIAL TIME ONLY can be purchased by itself. This Informational Packet contains a copy my contract, venue questionnaire, event questionnaire, credit card authorization form, independent contractor agreement and a consultation information packet.
Please email Carolyn at to schedule your appointment. These coaching calls will only be available for a limited time so book now. Anything discussed during these coaching calls will be considered confidential.

I look forward to hearing from you and really look forward to you having that lightbulb moment that will move you forward to a profitable event planning career. Don't delay as I am only scheduling this opportunity for a limited time.



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