May 29, 2013

Make your Event Planning business more profitable!

Do you want to build your event planning business
and make more money?
Wouldn't you love to bypass the money learning curve?
Are you doing what you love but are wondering
when the profits will come?
Money, Money, Money!  There is nothing wrong with that. Isn't that why we go into business for ourselves?? The problem with starting your own event planning business is the money learning curve.  In the event planning business there are so many variables that come into play that it can become tricky figuring out exactly how much time it will take for you and your staff to do the work.  With my coaching I will share with you my formula for never underestimating time again!  Event planning is not a "widget" business, it is custom and creative and that can be hard to charge for, but I will give you my tricks and tips for making a client understand the process involved and give them the opportunity to decide where they will spend their budget and I will give you the tricks and tips for how to re-group so that they understand you aren't going to work for FREE.
We all start out making mistakes, but what if you could bypass that painful process? or at least part of it?  My Event Planner coaching call will help you do that!
  • We'll discuss how you are charging and what you should be charging.
  • How you should be figuring out how long it takes to actually do things.
  • How to not lose the client because their budget isn't big enough.
  • How to deal with a difficult client.
  • Where you should be marking up your services so that you are competitive with the market.
  • We will discuss your business and your needs and questions
  • If you are working on a large price quote I can even go over that with you to help with any questions you might have.
COACHING CALL $195 for a 1 1/2 hr. telephone call with Carolyn and a bonus of the Informational Packet for FREE a $50 value
INFORMATIONAL PACKET $50-  FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY you can purchase the Informational Packet by itself. This Informational Packet contains a copy my contract, venue questionnaire, event questionnaire, credit card authorization form, independent contractor agreement and a consultation information packet.
For more information or to sign up please Contact Carolyn at  I look forward to hearing from you and working with you to getting you on the right track to making money in a business you love.