September 19, 2012

Baby Blog Crawl Conga Line Stop #2

Welcome to the Blog Baby Crawl stop number two.
I have been asked to welcome you with something to say
that is baby related before I send you on your way.
I haven't a clue of what to do or how to do it
and seriously hope now that I didn’t blow it.
So I came up with a rhyme which is not my forte
and spent a lot of time thinking of what I could say.
So this is for my pregnant friend
who is going to be a mommy
and me saying thank you
for including me in the baby reveal party.
So here it goes without further adieu
my attempt at humor to entertain you.
Someone is having a baby,
and I don't know who.
If you are looking for clues,
I’m sorry I can’t help you.
Only the Pug knows and she is not tellin'.
I have tried to assume and can only imagine
but all I come up with is totally random.
Soon it will be revealed who is beginning to show
but until then I really don’t know.
I have a few guesses
but until i know for sure
I will wait to congratulate her 
with love and well wishes.
If you want to learn more
then click through to see
because the next stop of the day
is a visit to Lynlee.

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