October 3, 2007


Welcome to my blog, created for those who are planning any type of event. I will share ideas, tips, advice, resources and photos to inspire and help you with your event planning needs (I will also share my ooops' so that you can learn from them) and also share with you a day in the life of a party planner. (it isn't always glamorous)
This photo is one of my favorite. I was inspired by this idea from of all things a Sam's Club flyer, they had done it on a straight up and down staircase, but I knew it would look better on a curving staircase. I don't have a staircase, but lucky for me I have a Client with the perfect staircase I was able to re-create this idea, and personally I think it looks better on a curving staircase as opposed to the original idea. It was easy to do. I printed each letter on a single sheet of paper and enlarged the letter to within the depth of the stair step. I printed them out, cut them out and then traced and cut them out of black card stock so that they would be stiffer. They were attached with painters tape, so that they wouldn't pull off the paint. Even us creative people tend to see others ideas and come up with a way of re-creating them. When looking for ideas look past what you and see and take inspiration from how you can make it better or how you can make it work with what you have.
Talk to you later

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