April 11, 2011

Pampered Spa Parties~A Family Affair

Please welcome Pampered Spa Parties, a new division of CHS Creative Productions.  I am diversifying and letting go of some of the responsibilities I have. Ultimately custom children's parties and holiday decorating are my first loves and priorities and I can no longer be respnsible for the signature parties we used to offer.

Pampered Spa Parties will still be a fully mobile spa experience, it offers client's the same high quality product and service as our custom parties without the higher price tag.

My daughter Jessica and (just like my daughter) Demi are taking on the Pampered Spa Parties division and will be handling all aspects of these parties (overseen by me for awhile of course).  They have worked on some changes, created a website that will focus entirely on Pampered Spa Parties and are while we speak having marketing cards made.  They are both excited and looking forward to their new opportunity and have already scheduled some photo shoots of the new decor themes they intend to add right away, to give Clients more options.  I personally couldn't be prouder of both of them and  am quite thrilled that they are learning some small business skills early on in their lives.  I am looking forward to sitting back and watching their ride as they jump into what it takes to work for themselves.

Please show them support and check out their blog/Website; and follow them on Facebook: .  I would really appreciate it.


  1. OH HOW FUN!!! It will be a hit...little girls love that fun stuff! My two girls would be in heaven!
    Congrats to your girls in their adventure!