July 2, 2012

Event Planner Coaching with Carolyn

Event Planner Coaching with Carolyn Horten of
CHS Creative Productions and Carolyn Horten Events

I am so excited to offer this opportunity to you and I truly hope you take advantage of this limited time offer for a chance to pick my brain about event planning and how you can grow your own business~ Sincerely, Carolyn Horten
Have you ever wished you could speak to an experienced event planner about real questions as they relate to your business and its growth?  Are you an event planner? Have you created your business and are now getting clients? Are you wondering about things such as contracts, insurance, making money and protecting yourself?  Are you having trouble with a difficult client or finding it hard to justify your fees and costs?  Have you been looking at your profits after an event and realizing you have been almost working for free? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this Event Planner Coaching service is for you!
Whether you are thinking of becoming an event planner or have created a business and are just starting out, this is the opportunity to learn some valuable lessons that will lead to business growth and increased profits. Take advantage of this opportunity to receive vital information and facts before you invest in pretty cake pedestals.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions about the following topics in a customized way that is relevant to your personal needs and concerns.  No cookie cutter or vague answers will come from this coaching. 

From this coaching session you will get answers to the following:

v  Pricing & How to Increase your Profits

v  Getting Paid

v  Consultation Information - what to know before you meet with the client

v  Contracts- how to spell out what you will and won’t be doing

v  Insurance & Protecting yourself- what insurance coverage you need for your business and how to handle and get additional insured coverage for yourself and your client

v  Tips for Staffing & Setting Up- how to hire and use staff effectively and the formula for the amount of time you really need to set up and be ready on time

v  When to say “No”- sometimes a client’s expectations are not in line with reality and it is time for you to say No or step away from the job


Marketing - Sales ideas - Pitching - Photo tips

Carolyn Horten’s 16 years of professional event planning experience, with 9 years of personal event planning experience, for a total of 25 years of experience, planning and executing all types of events. You will learn about what works, what doesn’t, what to be careful of, how to price for profit, when to say no, how to protect yourself from liabilities, and what to say yes to. This one-on-one time will allow you to get answers to your specific questions from an experienced event planner. 

Better than a book, these consultations will address your current questions and concerns. You will not get bland stereotypical answers to your questions; you will get real life honest answers that are relevant to your current questions, which are effective and productive to your needs.
Your investment and time spent speaking with Carolyn Horten can and will increase your profits when you put the information you gain into action.  No matter what state you live in or what level of service you offer, the opportunity to ask important questions regarding your business is priceless.


v  $195 for a 1 ½ hour telephone call with Carolyn Horten

v  BONUS OFFER for the first 10 people that sign up, a FREE Informational Packet {a $50 value}

v  Additional hours available at $65 per hour as needed after your initial telephone consultation.

v  The Informational Packet can only be purchased in addition to your telephone call for an additional $50. This Informational Packet contains a copy my contract, venue questionnaire, event questionnaire, credit card authorization form, independent contractor agreement and a consultation information packet.

Please email us at info@carolynhortenevents.com to schedule your appointment. These coaching calls will only be available for a limited time so book now. Anything discussed during these coaching calls will be considered confidential.

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