December 18, 2007

Coffee Is My Friend!

So I am officially a coffee junkie. I have never been a "gotta have my coffee" person except maybe in the mornings. But it seems lately that I am looking for my coffee fix in the late afternoon. Things are so crazy around here with all the holiday decorating, new Clients, existing Clients, New Years, holiday events and more I am now craving coffee to get me through the night. I know I'm addicted when I am finally back at home and working and get up to leave to go get coffee. [That is huge when you consider that I spend most of my day driving and since the holiday season began I have driven about 3,000 miles.] Thank goodness the Starbucks is close or my husband might think I am leaving to meet someone because I have never in the past gone out specifically for coffee. My coffee addiction is always the same Peppermint Mocha, venti, no whipped cream at 130 degrees, I am so predictable. And I'm not just craving the Peppermint Mocha because it is a holiday flavor, they serve it all year round. I remember when Starbucks first opened and I felt like such a coffee virgin, never knew what to order or how to order, what the sizes meant, it just seemed so complicated I couldn't be bothered, but now when I give them my request with the temperature and all the details I feel like a coffee pro, of course that is the only one I know how to order, but Hey the people behind me don't know that.HA! It's 9:35 at night and guess what I'm drinking coffee. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

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