December 31, 2007

New Year Decor at Valentino

6 hours, 3,000 balloons and 12 staff PRICELESS!
As the new Creative Director for Valentino Restaurant it is our pleasure to decorate for every holiday and points in between for the restaurant. Because the restaurant is so busy and the table formations have to be moved constantly during the evening the only way to decorate is up and that is what we did. We covered the ceilings of all the dining rooms and public spaces with a variety of balloons with gold and silver mylar curling ribbon, which adds a great shimmer as well as adding bouquets and unexpected decorating twists. It was a great success and very much appreciated by Clients and guests alike. This is one of my favorite photos because when you first look at it it looks like the ceiling is dripping gold. It's amazing the effects just simple balloons can create. Look to our photo gallery for more great photos of the restaurant.

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