January 1, 2008


WELCOME 2008!!
Best wishes to everyone and theirs for a fantastic New Year!
May 2008 bring you the best in life, health and happiness!

CHS was blessed with a fantastic 2007 and 2008 looks to bring even bigger things our way, I am looking forward to the year to come. I have not made any resolutions this year except to use what I know and have to my best advantage. I have bought some great programs and systems that are supposed to make my life even more organized and less stressful over the years but always seem to come back to my tried and true system or making lists. I know I have computer programs that will eliminate the paper trail and keep me even better organized but I guess I am just an old fashioned girl at heart and what if the computer crashes it will all be useless right? Except for the fact that I now have an external back up program so no more excuses I will definitely do my best to be better organized, this coming from someone who basically gets paid to organize everyone else. Having said that I don't have a problem organizing clients my problem is organizing myself and my life and keeping track of all those in my life. AHHHHHHHH!!! But I will do it, yes I will I have no choice. CHS has grown so much in the past year that I have no choice but to be better organized with everything, my phone will organize to my computer and my computer to my phone and all should be fantastic if I can get the pen and paper out of my hands. But, I love scratching things off a list it just makes me feel as if I have accomplished something, hitting the delete button just doesn't get it for me. I think that was another excuse, no more excuses!!

But on to funner things I love the New Year, you get to go office supply shopping, I love office supply shopping and looking at all the stuff that I can use to decorate my desk. New calendar, new folders etc... it all looks so pretty at the beginning of the year, I love it. I got a new pencil/everything holder for my desk and I love it I can put all kinds of pens and markers in it and it has drawers to put smaller stuff in and it spins and it looks so nice. But now I want all new stuff to match my new pencil/everything holder, oh well I'll have to go back to the office supply store, YEAH!

Again Best Wishes to everyone for a fantastic new year may all your needs be fulfilled.

P.S. look for pictures of my pencil/everything holder I think everyone should have one!!

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