March 26, 2009

Thoughts are Things & What the Heck!

My daughter, Jessica......... Mom

So yesterday after having my panic "heart attack" that turned out to be indigestion, I end up spending today in the hospital with my Mom who is waiting for a bed on the cardiac floor. She is okay thank goodness, they just want to run some tests, but it really is never ok when your Mom is in the hospital. She has five stints and was at a check up appointment with the Cardiologist whom she told she was having chest pressure and felt it was due to the change in medications. (My Mom is a retired NICU nurse and she thinks she knows everything and everyone else doesn't know what they are talking about, sorry Mom) She just wanted to get her meds changed and next thing she knows she is in the emergency room having tests run, waiting for a bed on the cardiac floor and a stress test scheduled for the morning. She is not happy about being in the hospital, which I don't blame her, but better to be safe than sorry. Mom will be fine but my ego has been detrimentally damaged due to that unexpected trip to the hospital.

HAVE YOU EVER HAD THIS HAPPEN TO YOU? At the hospital I had to check in at the receptionists desk and show photo id so that I could see my Mom in the emergency room. I pull out my drivers license, whose photo of course is almost 20 years old, and as the receptionist hands it back to me she says "That was better days." what the heck!!! If I hadn't been so upset about my Mom I might have come up with a reply something like "Looks like you've seen better days too!" but I was just in shock.

AND IF THAT WASN'T BAD ENOUGH.....while the nurse who I hunted down to find out what the test results were for my Mom asks me if she is my daughter.........what the heck!! I'm almost afraid to go back and visit her tonight, don't think me ego can take much more.

Actually thought I looked good today, no baseball cap and make up on, so much for the effort. It's kind of like one of those days when you think you actually look pretty good and people keep telling you you look tired, what the heck!!!

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