May 11, 2009

Do you ever have that feeling?

Do you ever get that feeling? that what begins as a lovely morning is going to only disappear? Not that you have done anything wrong but you know what is to come. I am having that feeling. While in our infinite effort to re-do, change, learn and tighten up our websites we have stumbled upon many factors that we were not aware of. Not to mention a whole lot of new terminology. I was pretty happy with the fact that I re-did from scratch with a brand new web design program 21 websites in 10 days. Definitely thought I was a rock star! I have gone back and tweaked them and changed them and made them more inviting and pretty, still a rock star as far as I'm concerned.
BUT THEN..............I bought a book, don't buy books they only re-confirm what you don't know and probably didn't want to know AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! We made the mistake of opening an SEO book, seemed like a good idea at the time, thought we were going to get the websites in a lot of link directories, and so on. BUT...........then we found out they had rules...........if your pages weren't constructed properly, you probably wouldn't get in..............if your key words, meta tags, h1, h2 and h3 tags weren't right, you probably wouldn't get in..........if your content, links and reciprocal links, alt tags and b tags weren't right get the picture. And I must say on my own behalf you can pay someone to design you a beautiful website, but that still doesn't mean all these things will be right. In fact most beautiful websites are full of errors as well.

Oh did I mention web site pages have grades? yes they do and mine weren't pretty but I did figure out how to make them As and B pluses.

So of course, what does one stubborn, bull headed, undeterred person with the mind set of "I don't think so" do ...........they buy a book and open a whole can of worms. Please understand that it is not my desire to become a web site designer/seo expert but it is my desire to get things done and done right and who better to do it than me. Realistically the cost and wait time for someone else to get these things done for me would be ridiculous. I have already been there and done that.

So today is the day that I begin the complete process from beginning to end armed with not just one book but 8 books, I am ready to tame this beast to the best of my ability. But I just have the feeling by the time this is done............................
I am going to look like this! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

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