May 29, 2009

Gerber Daisies

Awww Gerber Daisies, one of my favorite flowers and also a hit with Brides who want fantastic natural flowers in vibrant colors. But she is a temperamental flower. Many Brides who are do it them selvers think she will be easy to use. They are if you know a few tricks. There is a lot of back and forth on the toughness of a gerber daisy. I have experienced both sides of the Gerber Daisy dilemma and even with the proper handling they can go south on you depending on a lot of things and I have had them be wonderful. Yes they are pretty tough if treated properly and care is given to how long they will be out of water. Its their stem that makes them susceptible to drooping and looking sad as well as the flower petals. Keeping them in water constantly is the best way to avoid droopage, but unfortunately as with all flowers the heat of the day will determine how well they withstand. When you purchase your Gerber daisies you want to make sure that the heads are in good condition and not missing petals, other wise your daisy will look lop sided.

Gerber Daisies have long stems which are not that durable on their own, they require water and often some help to keep them standing straight up.

You will want to get gerber daisy tubes, which are basically a clear straw with a big enough opening to slide the stem through. You can slide the full straw onto the stem and then cut it the desired length. You can also wire them but that is a little rough for this type of stem especially if you don't have much experience with them. You will also need water vials if you plan on using the gerber daisies in garlands, or bouquets or on the gift card table by themselves without a vase.

They hold up well when kept in water so grouping them together in vases like this above is a good option, for you do it yourselfers.

Mixed in with similar color flowers in vases is another good option.

However, if you are planning on making a bridal bouquet with them you need to be sure to use flower vials with water. The best plan of attack for something like this is to leave the stems longer than you want so that when it is time to take the vials off you can simply cut the flowers straight across to remove the vials and the wet ends of the flowers. You don't want to pull the vials off and have wet stems leaking on the Brides dress or bridesmaids dresses. If you are planning on using Gerber Daisies and doint it yourself I would suggest having a florist make any boutonneires or corsages for you, they will just look better in the photos. You don't want to see scrunchy looking flowers in all your photos which is what might happen.

Don't shy away from the Gerber Daisy enjoy it for all its vibrant color and funness (is that a word) just be sure to treat her kindly and she will give you what you are looking for.

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