January 1, 2010

Happy New Years~

Happy New Years, may 2010 bring you much good health, happiness and prosperity!

I am not going to reflect on the bad of 2009 I am going to reflect on the good things and go into 2010 with a better attitude and a desire to do more and to do better in all aspects of my life. So without further adieu........Goodbye 2009, you were an interesting year.

Thank you 2009 for .............
all the lessons learned, the good, the bad and the ugly
you for keeping my family safe and healthy
for the new friends, new clients and new employees.
for all the wonderful business opportunities you delivered
not letting me lose my sanity
allowing my business to grow
for a wonderful family who have supported me through your ugly times and celebrated with me your good times
for the love of a great husband
the addition of new storage facilities
my most creative year yet
my busiest year yet
letting me see the error of my ways so that 2010 is better
keeping my head spinning, because now I see clearly what I want and don't want for 2010
reconnecting with family and making amends
being my 13th year in business
allowing me to see my 14th year
letting me see that HARD work DOES pay off

I am sure there is more but as you all know we can't wait to dig into the new, so I am off to continue my dismantling of bad organizational habits to create a free mind and space in which to create more, love more and enjoy more the job that I am blessed with! Because through it all I know that I am blessed. My work is never the same, the challenges are never the same, I am always learning something new and the best part is that I get to create memories for my clients that will last a life time. I hope that some of the good they remember from 2009 is the wonderful party or decor that I created for them to celebrate their special occasion or holiday and I hope that that memory always brings a smile to their faces.

So bring it on 2010 we are ready and waiting for you!

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