January 29, 2011

Los Angeles Zoo Holiday Decorations~

This year we had the privelege of decorating the Los Angeles Zoo again and we had a great time doing it. This is the front entrance which is kind of hard to photograph because it is sooooo BIGGGG! But I think I did ok.

We did a lot of decorating at the Zoo but with holiday decorating the photos can start to get redundant because the decor is all the same just in different places. It doesn't look like it but the wreath is BIGGG it is 7 ft. round and it still doesnt look that big on the front entrance. I got a crick in my neck taking these photos, not to mention bumping into a few people while I was walking and looking up. But luckily no one was hurt in the taking of these photos, which is great. Since you see I am the clumsiest of all the CHS employees, I am the one who always needs the First Aid kit. Did I mention how BIGGGGG this entrance is?? The Los Angeles Zoo is the only outside installation we do. I mean who could resist right? Its the Zoo, animals, children and Christmas sheesh {oops didn't mean to use the word Christmas that is a no no in my business}. Plus we are spoiled we like to be inside.Doing outside installations is COLD! We were lucky with the Zoo installation this year, it threatened to rain all day, but held off thank goodness! Did I mention we are spoiled we don't like to be COLD or wet. Starting work at the break of dawn and being wet and cold is just not fun and while we take our job seriously we like to have fun during installations. We installed a lot of wreaths and swags at the Zoo and NO we DO NOT decorate in the animal pens. We only decorate at the front entrance and in the marketplace. So if my insurance carrier is reading this I want to re-iterate " WE DO NOT DECORATE THE ANIMAL PENS!"

Ouch see those bushes/ferns to the left of the picture, I do believe they are pre-historic attack bushes. They have got to be the meanest, prickliest, sharpest bushes/ferns I have ever had the pleasure of walking through. They are nasty, sharp, prickly and painful.

Ahhh, the ATM tree, my nemisis. For 45 days I am thankful not get a phone call that this tree has blown off the building. I know that it is strapped down, weighted down and all kinds of tied down but that still doesn't make me rest any easier until we have taken it down. It especially doesn't help when I hear a man say, large trees fall over all the time here so if it gets windy enough that tree doesn't stand a chance. Sheesh the things a man says so non-chalantly.
{Side note: it stayed up, of course because we are professional decorators}

And speaking of men and the things they say, see that garland below now there is another story. For some reason this garland was a pain and that just happens. My job on installations is to ask a lot of questions, what are you doing, why is it taking so long, is everything okay? Thats my job to keep installations on track and on-budget and to trouble shoot any problems. Well that garland seemed to be taking longer than I THOUGHT IT SHOULD, so I asked "whats the problem?" and was answered with a full range of explectives, which I won't share with you. So I walked away quietly, humbly and quickly because you see sometimes things don't always go the way I THINK THEY SHOULD and let my guys get on with it. And as I am walking away I hear another man say "She must be the coordinator." ah funny men always have something to say.


  1. Carolyn, fantastic job! We live in LA and go to the zoo a few times a month (have a yearly pass of course!) and I saw your decorations. Congrats and keep up the good work!