February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year~

Happy Chinese New Year!

I just love Chinese New Year, the colors are so vibrant and fun. This year I missed the opportunity to do a commercial Chinese New Year installation which I have always wanted to do but because of the time frame and the fact that I was knee deep in holiday decorating I had to decline. I was so disappointed but I will be doing my homework now, so that I can put in a bid for next year.

Which reminded me of these pictures we took when we were in Las Vegas during Chinese New Year. I love the size of the decor, the quality of the decor and all the decor from the ceilings. I dream in this scale, but of course I do realize everything is bigger in Vegas, but a girl can hope.

I mean look at the size of that vase! When I see something like that a little glimmer comes into my eye, you know the glimmer; when you see something and your mind starts spinning on how can I get me one of those, will it fit in the car/truck/van and will anyone notice me dragging it in. But then I hear the words of the warehouse manager saying "and where am I going to put that?" and all hope for the moment is smashed. I then just store the item in my mind for future use.... But a girl can dream and of course I would need two of those one just wouldn't be enough or big enough (I did say this was a dream right so I'm going to dream big).

Another love of mine, fabric and my favorite color is red, how divine is that? And look another big vase, might need two of those as well.

Ahhhh ceiling decor, another one of my favorite things. This is starting to feel like a few of my favorite things post and I'm loving it! Gorgeous fabric covered lanterns and big, my heart is so happy looking at these.

I can only imagine what the warehouse manager would say about this one, so I won't let him see the glimmer in my eyes but............how cool would it be if he had a friend? And look at all those giant gold coins, just laying around so fun.

More ceiling decor, but that is kind of high I would have to let one of the guys do that one. I could just supervise from the ground. I love looking at these photos they make me just smile and I don't if its because of the color or if its the fact that they are all my favorite things in the scale I would love to have. So I'm thinking if I can get that job, who knows what I might be able to add to my arsenal.

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