February 14, 2011

Purple Palooza Part 1~ Paper & Pigtails

Purple Palooza Party Part 1~and a big shout out to Kori of Paper & Pigtails!!!!  For this party as with most of my parties I had only two weeks notice.  Kori was referred to me by Kate Landers as someone she would highly recommend who might be available. Kate e-mailed Kori and within two hours I had an e-mail from Kori and we were on our way!! 

I spoke with Kori the next day and she was off and running designing the printables. Even though this was a Purple Palooza party the client wanted to include their daughter's American Indian name Little Dove as well as dream catchers into the party motif, just a little bit. While I was explaining these design ideas to Kori, I'm thinking this girl is probably thinking I'm crazy. Well Kori got it and rocked it, she created custom hand drawn doves and dreamcatchers and incorporated them beautifully into the signs.



Kori created the Thank you tags for the favor bags, which held white tigers for all the children to take home with them to remember their experience with the white tigers at the party. She cut them out for me and added jewels to all of them, which I didn't ask for but was such a nice surprise.

Kori created tent signs for the caterers and they were so pleased with how wonderful they looked, who wouldn't be. Kori also made napkin bands for the cutlery but unfortunately I didn't get a photo.
Kori created all the signs for the Purple Candy Bar, added jewels and rounded the corners so they were ready to go for set up {more on the candy bar in a seperate post}.

  Once the design was approved Kori just took the ball and ran with it, I was sending e-mails like I need 1 of these, 50 of these, 2 of these, make it this size and that size, etc... and she just kept track and ran with it, AMAZING!!  I love when a vendor gets what I need, doesn't spend a lot of time explaining to me how it will impact them and just gets the job done and Kori did that and more. Not only did she design everything, she printed it, cut it, cropped it and added jewels and worked on it until the absolute last minute so that it would reach me in time, again a true professional. 

Thank you Kori for such an amazing job on such short notice, you rock!! You can find Kori at these links facebook, etsy, website.  Kori not only creates wonderful work for children's parties she also designs commercial work, logos, branding and so much more.


  1. The funny thing is I don't normally like purple that much, but you have made it all look just so stunning - dream like I would say. I love your work Carolyn (and Kori's too of course) Jane xx