February 17, 2011

Fabric Canopy Three Ways~

The following is the story of a fabric canopy, three ways. Whenever I have fabric panels sewn for decor I try my best to figure out sizing that allows me to use the panels in different ways. Why? Because sometimes I like to make things more difficult for myself, not really but kind of. And also because having these fabric canopies made is a little pricey and I like to be able to use them for different settings. I like to have the edges sewn and have ends sewn on both ends for the poles so that they have a completely finished look. So this is the story of three different looks and one huge set of fabric panels.

This was the first life for this fabric canopy, it was created for a Quincinera, the client wanted bright colors, a canopy over the dance floor that was tall. This original canopy was huge I think it measured 20 ft. l x 15 ft.w x 14 ft. h and then we extended it the other way and covered the head table as well. Definite impact in the room.

This canopy was seriously weighted down on each leg since it was going to be on the dance floor. The guests really enjoyed themselves on this dance floor under the canopy, I always love to see children enjoying themselves in the surroundings I create. It is really amazing to watch how grown up they act when they are in a more adult environment. They were awesome and not only had a great time but there was no swinging on the legs, thank goodness.

We hung paper lanterns along the side of the tent and lit them with LED battery operated lights to add some ambiance when the lights went down. I love this canopy in this height and it makes a huge statement in a room.

But then here is the same canopy completely transformed into a different look and I love it too.  A shorter and not as big version but just as nice.

The party guests enjoyed it too. They were oh so grown up sitting under their lunch canopy, again such a pleasure seeing them enjoy themselves. These smiles are what make my job complete.

The funny part was after the girls had finished their lunch, all the Moms brought their drinks under the canopy to enjoy it themselves for the rest of the afternoon. And who could blame them I love being under them, it just creates such a different feel to a party and a space.

And one more time, here is another canopy using only two of the colors.  I love when I can re-use items in so many different ways it always makes things so much more fun!  And for this canopy I did the math right, isn't it wonderful when a plan comes together.  Just another reason why I love fabric there are so many things you can do with it.

How do you get more uses out of your party props? I would love to hear about them.


  1. Love this Post Carolyn, Thank you for sharing. I have been exploring canopy options myself. They are so beautiful!

  2. Stunning! I love all of the colors and the intimate settings you created.

    Love using party props over again. I love to use foam core as a simple backdrop behind a buffet. I use both sides of it and try to create backdrops I can use for multiple events. I have a backdrop with a simple snow theme that I can use throughout the Holidays and winter. The other side has a heart for Valentine's Day which can be used for a bridal shower!

  3. Thank you Courtney for your kind words.
    Do thank you for sharing, great ideas! :)