February 16, 2011

Purple Palooza Part 2~ White Tiger Cubs

Purple Palooza Party PartII~ White Tiger Cubs, there was a lot going on at this party, but I thought they deserved their own post, just too cute!
It isn't every day you prepare for two white tiger cubs to be the VIP guests at a party {white tigers are not white when they are little, they are actually a yummy beige color}. We wanted to make sure they enjoyed their time with us so we prepared a very special VIP tent for them.  Well it was actually based on what we thought they would like; plenty of room to play, closed off area so only invited guests could get up close and personal, solid back wall for no distractions, shade to keep the sun off of them, of course we had to add a little purple to the area so it would match the rest of the party, oh and some specialty lighting.

And here they are. They arrived very happy and interested in what was going on, they were even wearing purple to match the party, my kind of guests. 

Fresh from their VIP trip to Vegas this 6 month old brother and sister team
were ready to play.

They even stopped for a moment to be introduced to the birthday girl, who by the way did not know they were coming.  She kept wanting to know why there was a penned in area and by the look on her face I don't think she was buying my story that the juggler needed to be in there; smart girl.

But upon arriving at their very own VIP lounge they were not quite interested. I mean really not interested in going in, they wanted to explore some more and were really loving laying on the grass. Not a lot you can do when a 80 lb. white tiger cub isn't interested, except wait and have a visit.

It took a little cajoling, but still not too interested. Did the decor not meet their standards it was hard to say. Did their lounge not meet their expectations, because they had just come from a week in Vegas, there was no telling. Of course there were so many things going on around them, they were just a little pre-occupied. And I'm sure the smell of steaks cooking didn't help.

Ah, finally inside the VIP lounge they seemed to be quite happy enjoying the space, playing with each other and enjoying more of the grass.

I was one of the lucky ones who was invited in for a photo shoot.
All I can say is WOW not something that happens everyday.

My daughter Jessica was also invited, just one of the benefits of being the daughter of the planner.

The VIP lounge was perfect for guests to watch the tiger cubs as they
interacted with one another. 

We observed them and they observed us. You really could just stand and watch them for hours.

Just look at the size of that paw!

The birthday girl getting ready for her photo shoot with the VIP guests.

This was such a great experience for the birthday girl, her family, guests and my staff and I. I can only imagine how much more exciting it would have been if the elephants had of been able to make it {not joking}.  This was just one part of an amazing party that we had the privelege of planning. A special thank you goes out to Jackie of Wild Wonders for finding this awesome brother and sister team {on short notice} and making it happen for the birthday girl. 


  1. Wow! So cute. And I can't BELIEVE that you were suppose to have elephants!! That's a whole different kind of VIP area!

  2. Oh my goodness, this is the most amazing party attraction ever! These tigers are gorgeous and adorable!