February 21, 2011

Keeping It Simple~2 yr. old party

Sometimes a small party can just be the sweetest thing.   This was a Angelina Ballerina birthday party for an absolutely adorable 2 year old, who happens to also be named Angelina.  Mom and Dad wanted a small party where Angelina could just have fun with her close friends and family without feeling overwhelmed.

Adorable t-shirt and matching headband that matched the hand made invitations.

 Party favors were a set of Angelina Ballerina books for the guests to take home.

A small but sweet white dance floor for the aspiring ballerinas to be.

A special visit by a pink ballerina, who read Angelina Ballerina stories while the birthday girl and her guests enjoyed lunch.

Then onto the dance floor for some ballet lessons and twirling.

One moment while I check my real ballet shoes :)

The party craft was stuffing bears and dressing them in their own ballet outfit complete with ballet slippers.

Having fun stuffing our new friends. {please excuse the clear tub, the wind picked up and kept blowing the stuffing out of the basket}

Just a small gathering of friends and family that was relaxing and fun for everyone. Keeping it small meant that these 2 & 3 year olds weren't overwhelmed with too much going on and the Moms could relax and enjoy themselves as well.

Girlfriend quiet time!


  1. i wish that someday, me and my daughter will celebrate like this. thanks for posting.