February 23, 2011

Sprinkles & Baking~

I love sprinkles!  I love going to the cake supply store and looking at all the fun stuff they sell. But my most favorite part is the sprinkle displays, so many colors and styles.  When I look at it all my mind just imagines all the fun things you can do with them..................
I haven't been in a cake supply store in awhile but this past weekend I signed up for a "class" and was reminded again of how much I like looking at all the sprinkles. 
Years and years ago I dabbled in making fondant cakes, back when people would say fon what? We also used to do cupcake decorating parties as well as cookie decorating parties.  Funny thing is this was before cupcakes and decorated cookies were the rage. (I so wish I was better at taking photos back then).
Looking at all the amazing goodies that people are making I have been thinking it would be nice to start playing with baking stuff again, NOT to sell mind you but just for fun. Ok maybe for a party or two, but I can guarantee you it won't be for one of those for 150 people with 2 weeks notice!
I think cakes must run in my family, one of my cousins is an exceptional cake maker in England, she has since retired and my other cousin loves to make cakes as a hobby. This past weekend she talked me into taking a class with her and that was when I was reminded how much I love being in a cake supply shop. So I'm thinking I needed a hobby, and maybe this could be it again.

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