March 21, 2011

Back from SXSW Festival~

Home from the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas and what a great time we had! We custom made a 20 ft. long 12" vinyl record back drop wall for the event for Erika Records Inc. to display the awesome vinyl products that they manufacture. {Side note that is me on the right and if the lady in the middle looks like me, thats because it is my client/cousin Liz, Owner of Erika Records Inc.. Owning businesses runs in the family, we are all self-employed.}

The record wall was created to display the amazing custom products that Erika Records Inc. makes and to showcase the range of what can be done with vinyl.  It was a huge hit and we received a lot of compliments on the display. So many people stopped to just take photos of the back wall which is always such a great feeling; client/guest appreciation is why I do what I do.

Pallets arrived safe and all together, such a relief!  This is always the part that has me worried will it all arrive on time and un-broken and it did! {happy dance}

 The booth before.......... boring.

 The booth after.........colorful and so out of the box compared to other displays at the SXSW Festival. 

Here I am trying to get some work done before the show started.

I spent the week at the SXSW Festival coordinating all the giveaways and promos that were being offered. Every day we had hourly drawings, deluxe giveaways, hosted bar and appetizers, spin the wheels and a Deluxe Grand Prize drawing. At night we entertained clients and did a little bar hopping to check out all the bands playing. It was a lot of fun meeting and greeting record industry execs, the public and even a wandering penguin.  But my feet, my poor feet did not think it was such a great time. They are still rebelling and not happy at all with all the things I did and places I went.  

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