March 1, 2011

Behind The Scenes Holiday Decorating~ Part 2

Behind the Scenes Part 2. (part 1 here) Behind the scenes is always interesting, we work wherever there is room.

Pop Up tents are especially nice when working outdoors!

Just some of my awesome team!!!

Flying trees................

Me supervising, just can't take anyones word that its installed ok, I have to have a look myself.

Now they are re-fixing it, because things like trees on buildings just make me nervous.
All done and ready to come down.

Ready to go up.

Some locations are always just more difficult than others, one to hold, one to watch and one to tighten.

One down and two more to go.

Yeah its up, that sucker wreath is heavy!

Setting up camp again.

Thats right camping chairs LOL.

Lovely shade from the pop up, our dear friend on installations.

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