March 9, 2011

Doll Cake Craft~

At a party a few weeks back, the Mom had planned a fabulous craft for the girls to do. When I walked in the house I knew something yummy was happening, because all you could smell was cake. She had spent several days before the party baking cakes in a special form from Wilton, Wonder Mold Kit You only need to purchase one kit for the mold and then extra dolls.

It is important to bake the cakes a few days before the party so that they can cool before being frosted. She had doll cakes baked and ready with a base frosting for the girls to decorate.

She provided them with Wilton Color mist spray and sprinkles to decorate their cake doll with. This was a young group of girls so the spray colors was a great idea. If you were having older girls you could have colored frosting bags for them to use to decorate the cake doll with.
The finished product. The cakes were already placed on cake trays and ready for the girls to take home with them when they left. The children really enjoyed themselves, it was an outstanding craft/favor. The supplies can be purchased at Michaels or any party supply/cake supply shop.

FYI: I would only recommend doing this for a small group, anything more than 10 and you will be turning your kitchen into a full time bakery.

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