March 30, 2010

Getting Things Done~

I just love this book and it was a godsend last December! As a small business owner my life can often be overwhelming with so much to remember on so many different levels. I had been trying to figure out what other technical tool I needed to buy to make all my other technical tools work together better, and was having no luck. I had even reminisced back to my days as a legal secretary and the old school tickler system, but couldn't find anything like it out there either. I knew that I was missing something but couldn't figure out what it was. After the completely hectic business of holiday decorating I was overwhelmed, frustrated and just wore out. I had let a few personal responsibilities fall through the cracks and was just at my wits end with myself and my systems. How was I going to grow my business when I was struggling where I was at currently?

On a visit with my brother commiserating about all the problems of owning your own business and all the responsibilities I had told him that I felt like my head was going to explode. I used to take pride in the fact that I could remember EVERYTHING but not any more, there was just too much too remember. He started to tell me about the book/system Getting Things Done, I was hooked and definitely interested, I made a note on a piece of paper because I knew my head could not take another thing and vowed to buy it the next day. But then the sweetest gesture was given to me, after my brother left he went to a book store, bought the book and brought it back to me. I was so surprised and grateful, so I began reading it that night and never stopped until I was finished. I must say I am notorious for purchasing self help things and picking through them to find the parts that I like, but this book I made the effort to read it from front to back, because I knew I was at my wits end and had to find something that would make sense. Well it did, I read the book implemented the system and am now able to relax, really relax and be in the moment of everything. I can even have a day off and not be worrying about what I'm not doing because I know it is where it should be. I see the whole picture and am not constantly being sideswiped by last minute things that I should have remembered. I have the open mind to creatively think about how I want to expand my business and what direction I want to move forward in in all aspects of my life.

I am now reading Ready For Anything, and love it too. David Allen does a great job of helping you clear the decks of your mind so that you can operate from a place of knowing and seeing the big picture no matter what type of business you run or job you have. I am a devout fan and am singing the praises of the system constantly. I wish I had known about the system and books sooner, but I was just too busy being busy, how ironic.

If you are feeling the same way or feel like you could just use some free space in your mind I highly suggest his books. Read them, implement them and move forward with your dreams because everything else is where it should be!!

{FYI all you need is a lot of index cards and hanging file folders in your file cabinet, a label maker and a real calendar and you are good to go! Book=Free, Supplies=$30.00, Reward=Priceless }


  1. Thank you so much Carolyn for all of your advice in the past and now this! I am going to read it this weekend, I am always so busy being busy. Here's to getting it together!

  2. Your welcome Brandy, read the Getting Things Done one first, let me know what you think and I hope it helps :)