March 18, 2010

Winter Themed Memorial Dinner~

Last month we had the pleasure of creating winter themed decor for a memorial dinner. We used manzanita trees for the table centerpieces. They were spray painted silver and we added glittered snowflakes and jewels to hang from the branches. For the base we added the most beautiful Kito white roses with greenery, snowflakes and jewels. They really made quite the statement.

On top of creating these wonderful manzanita trees the client requested sugared fruit trays, something I had never done before but was up for a challenge (or so I thought). The photos of the fruit did not come out so good, but let me tell you it was not an easy task. We sugared over 600 pieces of whole fruit from pineapples to limes and everything in between. They were placed on platters along the center of the main table. They looked fabulous but again what a job. We coated each piece of fruit in egg white and then sugared it with white sugar, they then had to dry, but you can only do it no more than 2 days before the event otherwise the sugar will begin to crack and fall off since it was whole fruit. Then you have to transport it there and put it on the platters all the while crossing your fingers that all the sugar doesn't crack off. So my tip of the day to all you creative people is~ If someone, family, friends, client asks you to sugar fruit, run like heck the other way LOL!


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