March 12, 2010

Royal Princess Party~

Just before the holiday season began for us we had the pleasure of creating a Royal Princess & Knight party for Princess Camilla. What began as a small intimate party turned into a larger party 150 guests to be exact and it was a huge push to get it all in the space, but we managed it by the skin of our teeth. This was tricky because it was a party with a lot of special needs guests and we needed to make sure there was room for strollers and wheelchairs. One of my favorite things was the footmen sign, so simple but so sweet. This was necessary since there were stairs up to the main party spot and guests would need assistance.

The Client didn't want a "Disney" princess party but something that was sweet and classic looking. I opted for ivory, pink, chocolate brown and gold accents. This color scheme was perfect for the large mix of adults and children and created a very nice background for the party. We created a large fabric canopy with custom pennant flags to cover the craft area to provide shade and a large burst of color to the yard. This is where we hosted the craft station for the children.

The Client was a huge fan of wishes and really wanted each child to read off the wishes themselves we knew it was going to be a logistical nightmare. So what we chose to do was a wish tree, the children filled out wishes and hung them on a gold manzanita tree, when it was time for the wishes we read them to Princess Camilla. The craft station was a hit as always and we had two hours worth of craft activities for the children to make and take home.

This party was non-stop activities, from games, crafts, wonderful catering by The Kitchen for Exploring Foods, the yummy cupcake station and sweet refreshing drinks. It was another job well done and we look forward to Princess Camilla's party this year.


  1. I am in love. Oh I'm so happy your back to blogging. You have the best inspiration and this party is proof of that. It looks so magical!