April 24, 2009

Make Up What Fun!

Oh to be a little girl again. Playing with make up, looking at make up, touching the make up so much fun. Every time I go through the make up for the Diva stations I feel like a little girl again. Of course I wasn't allowed to wear make up but that didn't stop me from putting it on at a friend's house, using her Moms. I was addicted to blue eyeshadow, yes I was a 70's child and grew up in California : )

While I was sorting through the make up I decided to take some photos so that when asked I could show clients booking the party, but doesn't it all look so FUN! I guess I'm addicted to buying it for the Diva stations, because I think I counted 20 tubes of lip gloss, all in different colors of course. How fabulous to be a Diva. Diva Party Packages! DIVA'LICOUS

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