April 23, 2009

Shopping, Yeah

Today I get to go shopping, not for a client, not for a job, but for my own creativity. It doesn't happen much and I have been doing a lot of brainstorming and now I am ready to shop. I have a lot of new ideas for crafts and decor for my children's party packages, which are a great hit and booking like crazy. (hint hint if you are thinking of hiring us for one of our great party packages, you might want to book your date, we are filling up fast). I'm going shopping in LA, it doesn't get much better than that : )

I knew I wanted to look at new fabrics, table decor, craft ideas and little chotzkies, but while I'm laying in bed trying going to go to sleep a light bulb goes off and I'm thinking directors chairs. HOW FABULOUS for the hair and make up stations, i love it, the children will love it and my staff will love it. SO NOW I GOTTA HAVE ONE. I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner.

Today I will be on many missions, and I am really hoping to find the chairs, you can order them online which is great for some things but I think for this I want instant gratification. We are doing a photo shoot at a party tomorrow night with the new Diva linens and I know the chair will look great. I hope I find it, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. A woman on a mission must be satisfied! :)


  1. Did you find your decorators chairs? I've been in the market for these as well. I've been looking for a great pair at a reasonable price here in Houston.

  2. I bought all of mine at Pier One Imports.