April 16, 2009

Pool Parties

Summer is almost here and the weather is warming up. If you have a pool you know that one of the best parties for children is a pool party. What could be easier, the pool is there, get some food, some pool toys a few games and you are ready to go. Right? Wrong? If you are entertaining your children's friends for a pool party the one thing you DO NOT WANT TO FORGET is a LIFEGUARD. And I don't mean your Great Aunt Sue. Hire a lifeguard that will sit at the pool the whole time of the party to watch and supervise all the children. There are so many children and adults in this country who cannot swim, which in itself is wrong.

You can find a lifeguard at any public pool, YMCA or online. They run between $20 to $40 per hour and are CPR certified, this is money well spent. Even if you are not having a pool party but a party with children and a pool in your yard you should still hire a lifeguard. Anytime we have an event whether it is a pool party or not and there are children we insist our clients hire a lifeguard. We have staff who are CPR trained to watch the pool areas.

Before the party you should discuss with your lifeguard what your pool rules are, how many children are coming and insist that they saftey check each child that gets in the pool. By safety check I mean have the child swim the length of the pool if they say they can swim. Some children think swimming is a dog paddle, you and I know that is not so. In a party environment with their friends children who cannot swim well, will lie and say they can so that they don't embarass themselves, this is not a risk you want to take.

Having a lifeguard will allow you to have peace of mind that the pool is being watched so that you can handle the food and the children who are not in the pool. Now you can relax and enjoy some summer pool fun.


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