July 1, 2009

Fancy As Nancy Party

Yeah finally had a chance to get the Fancy as Nancy party photos up! Trying to be organized in the middle of my third custom party in 4 weeks with another one in less than two weeks and another one after that and another one after that in 3 weeks............whew now I'm tired again just thinking about them all.

I would love to make a nice collage of photos for the blog but unfortunately time does not permit, I'm anxious to get the Beach Party photos up from a few weeks ago. So instead of a nice photo collage here is the link to the photo gallery .

The chandeliers are new to my arsenal and I love them because you can use them with a light bulb in them or take the whole light bulb attachment out for day time use. Which is great because it would look silly with a light bulb hanging in it and not turned on. They were a fabulous find and I can't wait to use them lit up. Before we added the feather boas to the canopy the canopy was looking very sexy and ready for a grown up night time party. Although having said that there was a guest at the party who thought she would like to have the whole set up complete with feather boas for her 65th birthday tea with her girlfriends and the funny part is I can so see it........ so you never know Fancy as Nancy might turn into an adult party theme as well.

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