June 16, 2009

Custom Crazy

Since I told you how excited I was about the upcoming last minute beach party and my visions, I thought I'd share with you what a custom party looks like around here, some early before pictures. That used to be my living room, but it is much easier to sort everything in this space, because as I walk past it all the time I remember things that might not be on my list. Speaking of lists, my lists consist of about 20 pages and I carry them everywhere and update them each night. I am a fanatic about lists, I get a lot of satisfaction crossing things off my list. I have to keep detailed lists, because forgetting something to take to a job site is not an option. What you see above is about 20 ft. of stuff and the mail order deliveries haven't arrived yet. Its a lot of shopping and stuff that needs to be sorted and put together, but this is what I live for the details.

Sometimes when you are shopping for a last minute event you have to purchase things you might not really be crazy about, but have to get them in case they are the last ones around. Like the buckets above. I'm not really sure what they were thinking when they made the weird brown putty colored shovels, but rest assured if I had to use these buckets I was going to lose the shovels.

But then I was saved I found these much more colorful buckets with cute colored shovels, so I will be returning the other ones. These will match the theme better, thank goodness.

Here are the buckets in the beginning stages of assembly; all lined up and as items are bought they are added to the bucket until they are ready for assembly. They might not look like much right now, but just wait until I'm done with them. They will be adorable.

Look what I found a cute beach ball bag for putting the non-winner game prizes in and then I bought another one, because I'm sure there is something else I can put in it.

Stay tuned............more to come

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