June 22, 2009

Part 1; The Beach Party

What looks wrong to you in that picture.........Hmmm maybe a few dark clouds??? Mean looking sky, maybe you think it is in the evening and is getting dark? NOT, that is 12:30 p.m. in the middle of the afteroon in the middle of June at the beach............go figure

It finally happened..........13 years I have been planning events and have never been rained on. I have come close a couple of times but knew in advance to be prepared. It finally happened no advance notice and rain out of the blue, all morning, right up to afternoon. And of all the times to get rained on in the the middle of June at the beach.....What the heck!

It would have been one thing if I even had a clue we might get rain, then shame on me for not being prepared, but get this the weather report while it was raining never mentioned rain and said 0% percent chance of precipitation. We waited and we waited for the rain to pass and no sooner would it stop raining it would start raining again. And it wasn't just rain it was wind and rain so even the things we had under cover were getting wet. We waited patiently until we could wait no more and we quickly had to come up with a Plan B, needless to say quite a few things changed rather quickly. Thank goodness we had a client with some room............

Stay tuned......to be continued

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