June 15, 2009

Happy Monday

Happy Monday................I guess. Probably wont be blogging much until after this weekend, or next weekend or even next weekend. This is terrible of course because I have done some fun things but just don't have the time to upload photos because I am working on other fun things.

This will be quite a week, the Beach Party I told you about didn't 100% confirm until Saturday afternoon, sooooooooooo my time frame window became much tighter and much more difficult. This puts a lot of pressure on me and how I use my time while still managing my business and taking care of other clients needs. Custom parties require a lot of time, this is probably the shortest notice I have ever had for a custom party and am probably crazy for taking it on, but I love a challenge. Besides I get to use the colorful umbrellas, YEAH! Not only was my partner in crime okay with the idea, he told me that I should buy the last 7 of them YEAH & HAPPY DANCE! See I knew there was room in the warehouses for some little old umbrellas : )

Stay tuned....................

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