June 2, 2009

Tis' The Season already????

Well the call has gone out and the answers are still pending. How much will the big trees go for this year. Seems strange to be talking to the Christmas Tree farm in May but the holiday season never really ends around here. From the time we are through finishing take downs I am working on price quotes, contracts, taking notes and working on new ideas for next year. So my FYI Tip for pricing this year is that Christmas tree pricing should come down again this year, Yeah!

Unfortunately, there is a lot more work involved with a fresh tree. I spend hours looking at trees trying to find the best shape and quality for my clients. I prefer to only decorate Noble Fir trees, they are sturdy, a beautiful shape and lend themselves to being decorated. I go through the tree with a flashlight to make sure she is okay. I have to be very picky since I am the one who has to make the tree look great and am often picking the tree 1 to 2 weeks before they are actually going to be delivered and installed. I have to trust that once I pick my tree she will look the same when we have her delivered that can be a very nail biting moment.

Then you have to be very careful delivering and setting up the tree another nail biting moment, things like "I hope it isn't too big!" "I hope it isn't too small!" "I hope the client likes it!" and the worst one of all "Oh my gosh will it fit through the door!" all go running through your mind while the tree is being carried in. There are so many variables involved with a fresh tree it can be a very stressful situation for me and my staff.

But I do believe the worst part is going back to see your beautiful fresh tree at the end of the season and it looks like this. This was once a gorgeous 10 ft. noble fir tree that was full and green. Unfortunately, even when the trees are watered regularly they still don't last. This was a commercial installation and part of the reason that the tree doesn't last so well is because of the fire retardant spray and the bright lights that are constantly on in the space. It is just too much for the tree and oh is it a mess to clean up.

SHOP VAC anyone???

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